Jordan Eberle

Date received: November 10, 2012
Total players responses: 507
Total 2012 responses: 110

A triple dose of Jordan Eberle!  I managed to snag Jordan for a few autographs (with the help of my girlfriend) on two separate occasions during the OKC Barons’ stay in Abbotsford.  Jordan obviously doesn’t need any type of introduction, as he is one of the most (in my opinion at least) exciting players on the Oilers’ squad.  He was drafted 22nd overall in the 2008 draft and is definitely helping to lead the charge of the Edmonton franchise becoming what it once was.  He has also helped out with Team Canada, bringing gold to our country, back in 2008 and 2009.

I particularly like the autograph on the Victory Rookie card, as that’s the one that came out the best.  The Jordan Eberle autograph on the SP Authentic card didn’t show up too well, due to the nature of the player on the card being a smooth surface.  The same issue was found on the Rookie Anthology card, as the portion he signed on looked like it ran.  Has anyone else happened to have encountered cards like these?  I generally put an eraser to a card like the Victory, to prevent the smooth finish from making the card run, but I wasn’t totally sure if it would work on the SP Authentic or the Rookie Anthology cards.

Regardless, I’m quite happy with the autos from Jordan.  Thanks for being so fan friendly Jordan.  I guess since there were three cards, it deserved an extra long blog post!


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