Kerby Rychel

Kerby RychelTotal players responses: 546
Total 2017 responses: 5

A great return from one of Team Canada’s finest!  With the NHL already commenting on their stance with the Olympics, it’s unlikely we will see any pros (AHL included) this year.  It’s an unfortunate turn of events as ice hockey was always a favorite of mine and many other hockey fans as it pits the best players in the world against each other.

While it’s obvious that Kerby is Warren’s son, what isn’t as obvious is that Kerby was actually born in the USA.  You might be wondering why that’s weird but as you can see from the autograph Kerby sent back to me, he clearly is in red and white.

Kerby grew up in Ontario and I can only presume that he has at least a dual citizenship which allows him to have chosen which country to represent.  Luckily Canadians were lucky enough to have Kerby on Team Canada as he helped win a gold medal during the 2012 Ivan Hlinka Memorial Tournament.

Kerby, thank you so much for signing for me!


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