Nic Petan

Nic PetanTotal players responses: 548
Total 2017 responses: 7

Another Team Canada success, this time from local BC boy Nic Petan!  If you’ve been reading my blog, I like collecting autographs from BC NHL players as I think it’s pretty neat that someone from your area has made it into the big leagues.

If you’ve been watching the NHL lately, Nic has just started the season with a crop of great, young talent hoping to make the playoffs this season.  They didn’t start the season off great, against another potential playoff contender in Toronto, I still expect them to make the playoffs this year.  I’ve watched Nic as a Portland Winterhawk and am glad to see he’s competing for a roster spot with a Canadian team.

While Nic is still looking to complete an entire season in the NHL, he’s highly regarded as a top prospect in the league.  As of the writing of this post, Nic is slotted in as the 2nd top center prospects for the Winnipeg Jets.  See links here:

Top 25 Under 25: Number 10 Nicolas Petan


Hockey’s Future – Winnipeg Jets

It’s not hard to see that Nic possesses the skills to be a top player in the game, the translation for more consistency is what he needs to do, to get to that next level.

Thanks for the autograph Nic!


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