Andrew Alberts

Date sent: September 13, 2017
Date received: October 4, 2017
Total time: 21 days
Total players responses: 549
Total 2017 responses: 8

I got my first actual, tracked, return in 2017 from stay at home defenseman, Andrew Alberts.  Having last played for the Vancouver Canucks back in 2013, I automatically took a liking to Andrew.  His style of play was not that of a highly touted, immensely skilled prospect but that of a hard nosed, physical type grizzled player.  Being a fan of Vancouver, we have always had a moniker of being “too soft” so Andrew was a good fit for a team that lacked size.

I wrote to Andrew, wishing him all the best and stated that I wish he was still in the NHL, to which he replied with a note back saying “I wish I was still playing as well.”.  Due to concussion issues, Andrew was unfortunately forced into retirement in 2013/14 season.



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