Joe Sakic

HC0003 Date sent: September 15, 2017
Date received: October 13, 2017
Total time: 28 days
Total players responses: 555
Total 2017 responses: 14

What an awesome return from HHOF player Joe Sakic in just under a month.  This card, without the signature is a black and white semi-glossy card and looks amazing but with the blue sharpie absolutely makes the autograph standout.

“Burnaby Joe” Sakic is a legend and had played his full 21 year career with the same organization, which so few players can say they have actually accomplished.  He was drafted in 15th overall in the 1987 NHL draft by the Quebec Nordiques, which by 1995 featured players such as Peter Forsberg and Adam Foote, which would eventually become the core of the Stanley Cup winning Colorado Avalanche.

One of my favourite memories of Joe was from the Olympics back in 2002 where he sealed the gold medal with his 2nd goal of the game.


If you ever were able to watch Joe during his playing career, you knew he was absolutely deadly with his wrist shot.  It was quick and deceptive which makes it so hard to judge where he was going to shoot.  I’m glad to have grown up watching hockey in the 90s until now as I was able to watch Joe accomplish so much and give equally as much back to hockey.

Do you have a favorite Joe Sakic moment?


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