Jordan Nolan

HC0003.jpg A nice return from Jordan Nolan, two time Stanley Cup champion. Jordan played a pivotal, depth role within the Kings organization bringing all 6’3 of him towards the net.  While he’ll unlikely ever score more than 20 points in a season, he’s a crash and bang type of player and is an effective one at that. Currently with the Buffalo Sabres, you can count on the fact that is why they decided to pick him up when the LA Kings put him on waivers, earlier this year.

As you may have made the connection, Jordan is the son of former NHL coach Ted Nolan and brother of Brandon Nolan.

I sent a letter to Jordan, now that he plays for the Buffalo Sabres, c/o his house address.  Unforutnately, I didn’t get a chance to write him any particular questions, which I’m moving towards to add additional value to those who read my blog posts.  Are there any questions that you’d like answered by an NHL player?  Leave a comment below!


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