Erik Gudbrandson

hc0008.jpg Erik Gudbranson, in my opinion, is a defenseman that Vancouver Canucks so highly needed at the time of trading for him.  As most Canuck / Florida fans know, Erik was traded for Jared McCann, in 2016.  To many of the fans following the Canucks, they took quite offense to Jared referencing his draft by the Canucks as “it is what it is”.  To Jared’s defense, that wasn’t his intention that being drafted by the Canucks was necessarily a bad thing but that he was drafted lower than anticipated.

As for Erik, I was one that was happy to trade for him as we needed more toughness on the back end that was willing to get into those scrums with the opposing players.  He recently got back from an injury which kept him out of the lineup but he’s now back and ready to rock, hopefully with less of the suspension type of play.


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