Jose Theodore

HC0019 I’m actually quite happy with this particular card that I sent to former NHL goaltender Jose Theodore.  I find that the black ink really pops against the white jersey that Jose is sporting when he played for the Florida Panthers.

For many years, Jose played in net for the Montreal Canadiens and was the goaltender that I associate with the Canadiens in the 00’s.  He was a really fantastic goaltender and rose to main stream popularity after winning Vezina and Hart Trophy in 2001/02 NHL season.

It was the season before though, where he had scored a goal against the Islanders in a 3-0 win. He became the sixth goalie to accomplish this feat, although becoming the first goalie to be credited with a shutout AND score a goal.

Take a look at a goal by Jose, one of a few goaltenders to have ever accomplished this feat.  Take note of the sweet VHS quality on this one.

Another claim to fame will be the fact that in the first shootout goal in Penguins history, Jose was the opposing goaltender vs Sidney Crosby.


Have a great 2018 everyone!


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