Rasmus Dahlin


A special post as the World Juniors are currently on and Sweden is still in the hunt for gold as they play USA shortly.  I don’t think there is much to say except that Rasmus is slated to be the next “Generational” talent which I do not doubt for a second and is currently sitting atop the NHL 2018 draft rankings.  It’s kind of unfortunate that the term “generational” has been used more than once in a generation but Rasmus has been compared to the likes of Mcdavid of the Oilers and Matthews for the Leafs in terms of franchise impact.

Other reports say that he has the skills and offensive mind of Erik Karlsson and defensive abilities of Nicklas Lidstrom, two amazing defensemen that were/are superstars during their prime.  He has even gotten high praise from Lidstrom himself.

“I instantly thought of is Brian Leetch and his skating, especially during his years with the (New York) Rangers, he also had the courage to skate with the puck, use his skating and take advantage of the space when he had the chance…

I can see the similarities between how they play.”

I sent four, 8x10s to Rasmus’ hockey team and it was pretty amazing to see it returned.  I did send a blue sharpie along with the package but he opted to sign in black.  No big deal, I’m just happy to have seen it returned in once piece!

Take a look at this young, extremely promising prospect’s moves during a game vs Russia on December 31, 2017.


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