Ray Whitney

HC0007 Ray Whitney, a retired NHL player who played for a slew of NHL teams such as San Jose, Edmonton and Pheonix.  Having being drafted in 1991 and being the stick boy for Wayne Gretzky and the Oilers, Ray has carved quite the career amassing over 1000 points.

I’ve gotten Ray’s autograph before and am so thankful that I am able to get it again.  While I’ve never met Ray in person, as he no longer is with an NHL team, it’s unlikely I’ll ever get the chance to greet him in person.  The fact that he takes time to sign and respond to fan mail shows he does care for his fans, even when he’s no longer in the spotlight.  I wish all players showed this type of attitude towards us!

He and his wife also star in the series, “WAGS” which showcase the life of the women of current and retired hockey players.  It’s sometimes interesting to watch, to see the ups and downs not only for the players and how they deal with retirement but how the families deal with the players leaving weeks at a time.  The ups and downs of being a hockey family clearly has its challenges that most people wouldn’t even fathom.


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