Sean Monahan

HC0012 Another return from Calgary Flames’ 2nd leading point getter this season, Sean Monahan. I sent to Sean earlier in the year and he was one of the quickest to send me back a return.

This season, he’s been doing well and helping the team succeed, where they’re currently in the 3rd spot of the Pacific Division.  No doubt that Sean was the right pick for the Calgary Flames, at 6th overall in the 2013 draft.  He’ll be a core piece going forward, as they make their push for the Stanley Cup.

I’ve always appreciated the fact that a lot of the Calgary Flame players have done their best to send back fan mail.  It seems like it’s a culture where you’ll see teams, like the Flames, who consistently send back mail and sign autographs for fans, whereas there are other teams in the NHL (I won’t name them – but you won’t see me post returns from them) seem to forget that fans are what pay their salaries and keep the game alive.



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