Tomas Hertl

HC0004aTomas Hertl is probably best known for “hot dogging” on his fourth goal of a game vs the NY Rangers and perhaps, effectively retiring Martin Biron off that goal (see below).  If I recall, that goal was the topic of a lot of discussion, on if players should embarrass goalies the way Tomas scored that goal, especially being up 5 goals late in the game.

Since then, Tomas hasn’t had any highlight reel goals quite as popular as that one but is still helping the team succeed as they’re currently still in playoff contention.  Tomas has also had to gain more responsibility, now that former staple Patrick Marleau has left for the Toronto Maple Leafs.

I was fortunate enough to meet Tomas Hertl in Los Angeles on the way to a Kings / Sharks game.  I didn’t have anything for him to sign as he was still a rookie at the time.  He did graciously sign for other fans who were looking for his autograph at the time.


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