Mikael Backlund

HC0024Continuing on with the theme of Calgary Flames, we have in today’s post, Mikael Backlund. Mikael has been a Flame ever since he was drafted into the NHL in 2007. He originally started his junior career with VIK Västerås HK in Sweden. He never really put up a lot of points in either his time in Sweden or in the AHL but he’s been progressively getting better and better, statistically, year year he’s been in the NHL. The first full season in the 2010/11 season, Mikael posted 25 points in 73 games. The last two seasons, he’s put up 47 and 53 points.

This bodes well for him, any future teams he represents and definitely, his paycheque! We’ll see what happens (if he gets traded or what), since he’s coming up to UFA status in 2018/19 season. He’s done well to make his money, so I’d assume he’d make equal or above that amount since he’s really done well to supplant himself as a depth forward.

See below a nice little video of the Backlunds for an episode like “MTV Cribs”


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