Corey Crawford

HC0001Today’s blog post brings us to Chicago, where we have goaltender Corey Crawford returning some mail to me. Likely by the time this post is published, the trade deadline will be over and we’ll know if Corey has been traded to another team. There currently are trade rumors being circulated, with the thought that Corey may not fit within the Blackhawks’ long term plans.

As tough of a pill that is to swallow, it’s hard to imagine trading the 2x Stanley Cup champion although in the game of hockey, well… more like the business of the NHL, it’s a “what have you done for me lately” type of scenario. We see this all too often where players are cast away as they have a few bad seasons. It’s totally understandable as we all have jobs and businesses are always forward looking.

In addition to trade rumors, Corey has the injury bug and could be shut down for the season if the Hawks don’t turn things around quickly.

Let’s relive better.. uh times.. when he was slightly intoxicated delivering his Stanley Cup speech.


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