Garth Butcher

HC0010Former Vancouver Canuck, Garth Butcher was a “tough as nails” retired NHL hockey player. He played an aggressive style which earned him a reputation of a “needler” for the ability to goad players into taking penalties. Garth’s claim to fame could be the fact that his style of play resulted in a trade, with Garth being a corner piece to a deal with the St.Louis Blues. The trade may have been one of the most lopsided trades in Blue’s history, which saw Geoff Courtnall, Cliff Ronning, Sergio Momesso, Robert Dirk and a 5th round pick for Dan Quinn and Garth Butcher. A few years later, in 1994, many of these players in the trade would go on to help the Canucks advance to the cup finals versus the New York Rangers. As we all know, the Canucks lost the finals in 7 games whereas Butcher and the Blues lost in the 2nd round of the 1991 Stanley Cup Playoffs, after being ranked 1st in the regular season standings. The analysis on the trade and the failed playoff attempt suggested that the depth lost from the trade eventually cost the team a 2nd round win.

Garth eventually went on to retire at the age of 32, after moving from the Canucks to St.Louis then to Quebec and finally landing in Toronto.



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