Ben Smith

HC0010Ben Smith will always go down as one of my most memorable Blackhawks to have played against the Canucks. The reason being that when the announcer had called out Ben’s name, he was so new to the team and NHL, we had no idea who he was! For some reason, his name stuck around and was a semi-running joke amongst us fans watching playoffs in 2011. He finished the NHL playoff season having played 7 games which was one more than he played during the regular season.

Since then, he’s somewhat struggled to find a team in which he is a consistent performer in. He played a full two season after the 2011 season with the Blackhawks, then was traded in 2015 to the San Jose organization where he largely played in the AHL. In 2016, he was traded to the Maple Leafs in exchange in a package deal that brought in for James Reimer and Jeremy Morin.

Recently, Ben resigned with the Leafs with Coach Babcock giving him high praise for his work on the PK.


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