Kevin Lowe

HC0030I was thoroughly impressed that I got back Kevin Lowe of the Edmonton Oilers brass. I sent back to Kevin, in my early days of collecting which has likely disappeared. It’s currently sitting at 2404 days in the mail. Now I can’t blame Kevin, nor the post office as there isn’t any proof that someone is at fault. Maybe it’s because I’ve moved addresses and it was delivered to some lucky sap that got some autographed cards. Regardless, I got Kevin Lowe’s autograph this time around in 39 days.

Kevin is a former and current Oiler, former in his playing days but helping the team try and win a cup since he was last with the team. Clearly, something is going on in Edmonton and was extremely jealous that they wound up with the generational talent that is Connor Mcdavid, yet missed the playoffs this year by and amazingly large amount of points. Maybe this off season they can figure out what is going on and fix the mess in Edmonton!

Maybe Kevin should just stick to commercials..


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