Craig Anderson

HC0001A great autograph and return from Craig Anderson of the Ottawa Senators. There has been a lot of media attention around Craig in recent years after his wife was diagnosed with throat cancer. It’s great to see that things have gotten better for Nicholle (Anderson’s wife) and that she’s officially cancer free. It’s no surprise that Craig had won the Bill Masterton Memorial Trophy, for his dedication to hockey after spending some time away in 2017 to take care of his wife and children.

Craig is a good goalie and has been the starter for the last seven years of his career. He and the Senators came oh so close in the 2016/17 season reaching the conference finals but losing out to the eventual cup winners, the Pittsburgh Penguins.

Now that Craig is reaching 37 next season, it’ll be interesting to see how Ottawa handles the goalie situation in the next handful of years. He’s clearly still got the skills to backstop the Sens but as we all know father time eventually catches up with athletes.


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