5 Reasons Why You Should Start Getting Autographs Through The Mail

Writing a letter to send through the mail
Of course, you don’t need to write in a fancy pen, like shown above.
Having a fun hobby is always great to mix up the monotony of every day life.  This post isn’t limited to just hockey, which I prefer, but to all sports, celebrities or politicians.  Hopefully these reasons will be enough to push you over the edge in beginning the hobby of getting autographs through the mail (TTM).

#5: Penmanship

In this day and age of the computer and mobile phone, it’s hard to believe that anyone actually practices their hand writing.  I know in the past, hand writing was practiced in elementary schools although I’m hearing that that’s not the case anymore.  What better way to practice every day by writing a letter to someone!

I may be dating myself but in elementary school we used to have pen pals.  I’ll be honest, I have no idea how they got my address but you’d correspond with someone overseas and write letters back and forth.  It was fun while it lasted!

This particular reason is actually most important for adults who might want to encourage their grandchildren (or children!) to practice their written word.  It’s a great hobby to bring two generations together for a common purpose.  Getting that autograph!

#4: Learning about a player

For those who like learning, this might be one for you!  I know there are people out there who won’t take the time to learn about some of the players’ successes / achievements but I am one to try my best to congratulate them.  I start off most of my letters with something (hopefully recent) that they’ve done then follow up after asking (not demanding) if they have time to sign my items.

It’s pretty interesting to see that you’ll start to learn more and more about these players, even if it’s just a quick Wikipedia read.  Especially the retired NHL alumni, they really appreciate the time you take to note their careers.

#3: You can do it anytime

Most hobbies require tremendous amounts of time.  Of course, the more mail you send out, the more mail you’ll get in return.  The great thing about getting autographs through the mail is that you can see what others have done in the past and send them to the exact same people.  If you look on the Web, Instagram or Twitter, there are countless accounts (including mine!) which showcase returns from players.  With the new age of social media, doing research to where you might be able to send mail to anyone in the world has never been easier.

Research, is ultimately one small aspect of this hobby.  The other is constructing a letter and actually sending it out to your target person, which you can do at any spare moment you have.  If you have a full time job, school, kids or anything else in between, surely you can find a spare couple of minutes to write a letter.

Once you do that, you can just sit back and wait.

#2: You can live anywhere

Getting face to face with a famous person can be extremely tough, even if you live in the same city.  If you’re out of country, unless you have a ton of money, it’s unlikely you’ll go out and fly to meet them somewhere.

If we’re strictly talking about getting autographs, there are typically two ways to attain them, in person or through the mail.  Perhaps I’ll write a blog post in the future about the pros and cons of each but the obvious advantage of sending mail, is that you can literally live anywhere in the world!  It’s not uncommon that every league in the world has a fan outside of that continent.

I’d say that most (if not all) countries have some sort of mailing system that you can send a letter out.  It’s that simple.  Of course, the toughest part will be trying to attain stamps of the country (ie. Canada / USA) you’re looking to have an item signed, although you could always throw a couple of dollars in hopes they’ll buy return postage for you!

#1: It’s super fun!

To be honest, why wouldn’t you do something that’s extremely fun?

You’ve spent the time, the research and send a handful of mail through the mail.  One day goes by, nothing.  Another day goes by, still nothing.  You start to wonder why you even decided to mail out a letter, requesting for an autograph.  Three weeks go by and you finally find some mail!

You think to yourself, “Wow, this actually works”.

The thrill you can experience every day, coming home after work or school, to a potential mailbox full of returns from some of your favorite athletes.  It’s a never ending cycle of frustration and enjoyment.

Now you’ve just got yourself a piece of history with an item that was autographed by that very person.


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