Welcome to Graphers’ Delight!  This website is intended to provide information for all people who are looking to learn about getting hockey autographs through the mail as well as looking at all my returns, certified autographs and in person autographs.  Although I’m focusing on hockey, the basic techniques can be applied to any sport!

My name is Michael and I had started a TTM (through the mail) blog when I first started getting into collecting autographs from hockey players.  I really enjoyed the collection aspect of autographs and never, ever have sold any of my hockey cards.  I had collected autographs in person but now that I have a young family, I will mainly focus on getting autographs through the mail whenever I have time to write to a player.  There may be the odd time when I’m able to go out and get some autographs but largely will all be sent through the mail.

Autographed Artifacts hockey card signed via TTM by Daniel Alfredsson of the Ottawa Senators

I started this hobby back in 2010 by starting out writing to current players on NHL teams with moderate success.  Previous to 2010, I hadn’t ever really considered getting autographs at all but a fortunate event where I happened to see some fans getting autographs and the rest is history!  I did some research online to find out how to get it done, both by in person autographs and through the mail (ttm).  Obviously, not only is sending autographs through the mail limited to only hockey players but football, baseball, various celebrities and anyone in the media can be sent a letter for autographs!  Your will to get that autograph is only really limited to your imagination.  My own experiences only are from hockey players, so that’s what I’m focusing on on this site.

In my early years, I was really motivated to get all players’ autographs, but in reality it is extremely (if not impossible) to get authentic autographs, through the mail, from some our current and former top superstars.  Players like Wayne Gretzky, Mario Lemieux, Sidney Crosby are a small list of players that are flooded with letters and requests every year to get memorabilia signed.  While I have had successes with some top players (Shea Weber in 2011 and Mike Bossy in 2017), it can be a hit or miss even with the lesser known players.  I have had much higher success rates with junior and non-current players but ever since In The Game stopped producing base cards for junior players, I haven’t had much opportunity to send in hockey cards for junior teams.

Autographed, Hockey Card, TTM, Signed, Guy Lafleur, Montreal Canadiens
Autographed Score hockey card signed via TTM by Guy Lafleur of the Montreal Canadiens

I learned throughout the years on what to do (and what not to do) when sending in a request for autographs.  Hopefully my experiences can help you find successes on your own, regardless if you pursue hockey or other people you are fans of.

On that note, please don’t get autographs for the sake of selling it on eBay or Amazon.  It degrades the hobby and ruins it for everyone.  Players won’t want to sign, fans won’t get opportunities, just only send to players if you’re a fan of what they’re doing and want to keep them for yourself.

Disclaimer: All the information provided is used just for guidance purposes as I am just documenting everything that I know to help those who are starting out to not make the same mistakes that I have when I first started out.



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