Al MacInnis

Date sent: January 15th, 2011
Date received: February 1st, 2011
Total time: 17 days
Total players responses: 19
Total 2011 responses: 14

Al MacInnis had one of the hardest shots in the NHL.  Al had won the Hardest Shot competition seven times.  A quote from Mike Luit about Al MacInnis:

“There’s hard and then there’s Al MacInnis hard. I tried to get out of the way. If it happens too often, you have to sit down and re-evaluate what you’re doing with your life.” – Mike Luit

Thanks for the quick sign Al!

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  1. nice! i just got a success from him not too long ago. You have probably seen it on my site which you posted on your site, Thanks for that! i will put yours up on mine as well.

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