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Autographed Upper Deck hockey card signed via TTM by Al Macinnis of the NHL All Stars
Autographed Upper Deck hockey card signed via TTM by Al MacInnis of the NHL All Stars

Al MacInnis is currently a member of the St.Louis Blues, a team in which he played for during his Hall of Fame career.  He had one of the hardest slapshots during his time in the NHL, clocking in at over 100 mph.  The hardest shot competition, usually played at the All-Star game, was won by Al a total of seven times.

As any coach would, with a player with that strong of a shot, you’d have to place him on the power play during the regular season.  He amassed a total of 1274 points which included 722 points specifically on the PP.  His best NHL season came where he scored 103 points during the 90/91 NHL season.

Needless to say, Al was named to countless All-Star games, has won a Stanley Cup, Conn Smythe and a Norris Trophy for his all around play as a defenseman.

Gettin’ the auto

For a former NHL All-Star, Al MacInnis sent this back to me via the St.Louis Blues in less than a month.  I guess not many people are sending Al fan mail these days although he was a top player in the 90s.  He signed this old McDonald’s hockey card which depicts him in an All-Star jersey in a bright blue sharpie.  I didn’t prep these cards as they weren’t finished with any sort of gloss but boy these cards turned out really well!

Signature links

I loved watching Al in the 90s but he still remains one of the top players to come out of Nova Scotia!

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A video review of Al MacInnis

You can’t really go without watching an Al MacInnis slapshot!


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