Anze Kopitar

HC0001Date sent: October 1, 2017
Date received: October 26, 2017
Total time: 37 days
Total players responses: 557
Total 2017 responses: 16

Anze has been one of my favorite Kings players and was pleasantly surprised that I got a return from him! I had sent out a letter to Anze in the past but only once I got a return through the mail and another time in person. This one I had sent through to the Kings practice facility which I may have to experiment more with in the future.

As many of you know, Anze plays as a centre for the LA Kings and has helped the Kings win two cups in the last decade. He’s been a major core piece for those two cups and is relied on as a top scorer on the team. He was originally drafted by the Kings in the ’05 draft and can be easily considered a top 5 player if that draft was ever redone. Fortunately for the Kings, Anze has turned out to be quite the player and has a funny bone in his body with commercials like the one below:


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