Bill Guerin

Autographed, Hockey Card, TTM, Signed, Bill Guerin, New York Islanders
Autographed O-Pee-Chee hockey card signed via TTM by Bill Guerin of the New York Islanders

Bill Guerin had an absolutely amazing career as both a professional hockey player and as an assistant general manager of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

His foray into the NHL began in 1989, where he was selected by the New Jersey Devils going fifth overall in a draft which saw Mats Sundin go first overall. Notably, Mats was the first European born player to go first in the NHL Entry Draft. Mats had likely, many European players to look up to but Bill Guerin was the first player of Hispanic decent to play in the NHL. In fact, he was THE guy leading the charge as Scott Gomez was the next drafted player of Hispanic decent.  Since that time, there have been a handful of players to have been drafted into the NHL and have a significant impact on the game itself.

Bill’s playing career has been well documented and in my opinion, he’s one of the best American born players to have played the game.  Of course, each and every year better, more skilled and highly hyped US players come into the NHL but I still believe Bill (well at least for now) is one of the best of them.  An old, 2012 article shows Bill as being one of the Top 50.

He currently holds four Stanley Cup rings, two as a player (New Jersey Devils – 1995; Pittsburgh Penguins – 2009) and two as part of the managerial team (Pittsburgh Penguins – 2016 & 2017).

Gettin’ the auto

Bill signed this card for me as a member of the New York Islanders, where he only played two NHL season with.  He autographed it, adding in his number 13, a number in which he kept (mostly) throughout his career.

A video review of Bill Guerin

Given that Jarome Iginla recently announced his retirement, let’s remember this fight between Bill Guerin and Iginla from the 2002 NHL season.


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