Calgary Flames

Al MacInnis

scan0021 by hockeyttmDate sent: August 24, 2012
Date received: September 12, 2012
Total time: 19 days
Total players responses: 533
Total 2012 responses: 136

A nice return from Al MacInnis, this one where he’s donning the Red and White. Al MacInnis, definitely known for his powerful slapshot, regularly topping 100 miles/hr during the All Star games. I watched Mr.MacInnis back in the day, so I was ecstatic to receive a return from him. Thanks Al!


Jay Bouwmeester

scan0008 (2) by hockeyttmDate sent: April 26, 2012
Date received: May 29, 2012
Total time: 33 days
Total players responses: 519
Total 2012 responses: 122

A quick return (and a tiny autograph) from one of Calgary’s best blue liners. Jay Bouwmeester probably has one of the smallest autographs for someone with such a long last name. Nevertheless, I’m still happy to have received this autograph from him. Thanks for the autograph Jay!

Jarome Iginla

Received IP: February 26th, 2012
Total players responses: 412
Total 2012 responses: 15

I got another Iggy autograph IP!  This time, it was in another city, but he was just as nice as he’s always been to sign cards.  He was talking with a bunch of folks, along side Mike Cammalleri, although I do not get why I didn’t stop him to ask for an autograph.  I’ve gotten Jarome’s many times, but never Mike’s.  Weird.

Alex Tanguay

Received IP: February 26th, 2012
Total players responses: 410
Total 2012 responses: 13

Sweet, another autograph from Calgary Flame Alex Tanguay.  This is currently my fourth autograph from Alex and has always been an extremely reliable signer.  Alex is currently helping the Flames try and make the playoffs, but him along side Jarome will need to step up their play if the Flames have any chance of making it to the post season.  You can view the previous blogs here, here and here!

Jay Bouwmeester

Date sent: September 1st, 2010
Date received: July 12th, 2011
Total time: 314 days
Total players responses: 275
Total 2011 responses: 270

Wow! I didn’t expect this one to come back, but Jay Bouwmeester returned this one quickly, 314 days to be exact.  One of the players that I sent out early in my TTM career and didn’t expect to see this one come back.  I guess good ol’ Jay is spending his summer days returning mail instead of hitting up the Calgary Stampede.  Maybe he’s not a fan of Will and Kate.  That leaves Alex Kovalev as my longest current letter in the mail.

Tim Hunter

Date sent: March 1st, 2011
Date received: May 5th, 2011
Total time: 65 days
Total players responses: 223
Total 2011 responses: 218

Tim Hunter was part of the Calgary Flames, Vancouver Canucks, Quebec Nordiques and San Jose Sharks.  He won a Stanley Cup with Calgary Flames in the late 80’s and came close again with the Canucks in ’94.  Tim was known for his physical toughness, earning 3,000+ PIMs.  Tough guy, but sweet autograph! 

Jarome Iginla

Received IP: April 8th, 2011
Total players responses: 202
Total 2011 responses: 197

Jarome Iginla, the captain of the Calgary Flames’, is probably the nicest guy!  He was willing to talk to all us fans, and signed everything that everyone had.  I’m super happy with his autograph because he’s a top notch player and was the player who assisted on Sidney Crosby’s golden goal in the Olympics this past year.  Great job Iggy!