Calgary Flames

Mikael Backlund

HC0024Continuing on with the theme of Calgary Flames, we have in today’s post, Mikael Backlund. Mikael has been a Flame ever since he was drafted into the NHL in 2007. He originally started his junior career with VIK Västerås HK in Sweden. He never really put up a lot of points in either his time in Sweden or in the AHL but he’s been progressively getting better and better, statistically, year year he’s been in the NHL. The first full season in the 2010/11 season, Mikael posted 25 points in 73 games. The last two seasons, he’s put up 47 and 53 points.

This bodes well for him, any future teams he represents and definitely, his paycheque! We’ll see what happens (if he gets traded or what), since he’s coming up to UFA status in 2018/19 season. He’s done well to make his money, so I’d assume he’d make equal or above that amount since he’s really done well to supplant himself as a depth forward.

See below a nice little video of the Backlunds for an episode like “MTV Cribs”


Michael Cammelleri

HC0027For as long as I can remember, Michael Cammelleri has been in the NHL (ok, he wasn’t in the NHL in the 90s – but for a long time he has been!). Mike was originally drafted in the 2001 draft by the LA Kings in the 2nd round, 49th overall. I’d say Mike was probably the cream of the crop in that 2nd round with the only other all star in the round being Jason Pominville, with some serviceable players such as Chris Thorburn and Derek Roy being drafted as well.

I’ve seen Mike play live a couple of times when he played for the Calgary Flames. At age 35, he’s approaching the end of his career having played for the Kings, Flames, Canadiens, Devils and now, the Oilers. Unfortunately it appears time is running out for him and the Oilers to make the playoffs and win a Stanley Cup.

I sent a few cards Mike’s way c/o Edmonton Oilers in which he returned back to me in less than a month. I’m lucky to have gotten him before he called his career over as I’m still trying to build out my SP Authentic collection that I started back in the day. If anyone is on Twitter or Instagram, you’ll surely see it there.


Theoren Fleury

HC0001Theo Fleury, a long time Calgary Flame (and current Calgary native) signed a nice batch of cards for me that I sent him through the mail.  He has continually been a gracious signer, signing and meeting (from what I’ve seen on the Internet) fan mail for a long time.

I have to say, from a hockey perspective, Theo will go down as one of my favourite hockey players.  Standing at 5’6, he battled amongst the giants of the NHL in the 90s and 00s but his heart (and skills, obviously) prevailed his stature.  For anyone who watched the game, it was obvious that Theo loved being on the ice and making an impact in every game.  He’s represented Team Canada on a number of occasions, winning gold with them during the 1988 World Juniors, 1991 Canada Cup and 2002 Olympics.

This celebration will go down as one of my favorite:


Sean Monahan

HC0012 Another return from Calgary Flames’ 2nd leading point getter this season, Sean Monahan. I sent to Sean earlier in the year and he was one of the quickest to send me back a return.

This season, he’s been doing well and helping the team succeed, where they’re currently in the 3rd spot of the Pacific Division.  No doubt that Sean was the right pick for the Calgary Flames, at 6th overall in the 2013 draft.  He’ll be a core piece going forward, as they make their push for the Stanley Cup.

I’ve always appreciated the fact that a lot of the Calgary Flame players have done their best to send back fan mail.  It seems like it’s a culture where you’ll see teams, like the Flames, who consistently send back mail and sign autographs for fans, whereas there are other teams in the NHL (I won’t name them – but you won’t see me post returns from them) seem to forget that fans are what pay their salaries and keep the game alive.



Al MacInnis

scan0021 by hockeyttmDate sent: August 24, 2012
Date received: September 12, 2012
Total time: 19 days
Total players responses: 533
Total 2012 responses: 136

A nice return from Al MacInnis, this one where he’s donning the Red and White. Al MacInnis, definitely known for his powerful slapshot, regularly topping 100 miles/hr during the All Star games. I watched Mr.MacInnis back in the day, so I was ecstatic to receive a return from him. Thanks Al!


Jay Bouwmeester

scan0008 (2) by hockeyttmDate sent: April 26, 2012
Date received: May 29, 2012
Total time: 33 days
Total players responses: 519
Total 2012 responses: 122

A quick return (and a tiny autograph) from one of Calgary’s best blue liners. Jay Bouwmeester probably has one of the smallest autographs for someone with such a long last name. Nevertheless, I’m still happy to have received this autograph from him. Thanks for the autograph Jay!


Jarome Iginla

Received IP: February 26th, 2012
Total players responses: 412
Total 2012 responses: 15

I got another Iggy autograph IP!  This time, it was in another city, but he was just as nice as he’s always been to sign cards.  He was talking with a bunch of folks, along side Mike Cammalleri, although I do not get why I didn’t stop him to ask for an autograph.  I’ve gotten Jarome’s many times, but never Mike’s.  Weird.