Carolina Hurricanes

Eric Staal

scan0068 by hockeyttmDate sent: May 4, 2012
Date received: September 4, 2012
Total time: 123 days
Total players responses: 515
Total 2012 responses: 118

Here comes another blog about this fantastic set I’m trying to collect. This time, this card is signed by Eric Staal of the Carolina Hurricanes. I’ve received a few Eric Staal autographs in the past and he’s been (and his brothers) one of the more consistent TTM’ers out there. Thanks Eric!!


Ray Whitney

Date sent: April 26, 2012
Date received: July 5, 2012
Total time: 70 days
Total players responses: 484
Total 2012 responses: 87

A nice Ray Whitney autograph on my OPC card.  This is my second time getting Whitney’s autograph, but the first through TTM.  You can view it here.  Ray is a veteran hockey player, approaching his early 40s now.  Hopefully the lockout will not proceed too much longer and enable him to get back to the game that he loves.  Thanks for the auto Ray!

Eric Staal

Date sent: January 15, 2011
Date received: May 28, 2012
Total time: 499 days
Total players responses: 481
Total 2012 responses: 84

A long response from Eric Staal, but well worth it.  Eric is going to be in heaven this year, as he’ll be able to play along side with Jordan, and perhaps Marc in the future.  I’ve gotten a return from Eric before, linked here, oddly enough, on the same card.  Oops!

Cam Ward

Date received: February 30, 2012
Total players responses: 479
Total 2012 responses: 82

Cam Ward is one of the best goaltenders in the league.  He won a Stanley Cup as a rookie goaltender in 2006, the first since Patrick Roy in 1986.  Cam will need to be great, again, as the Canes have a good shot at making the playoffs again with the addition of Jordan Staal and the resigning of Jeff Skinner.

Brandon Sutter

Date sent: June 22nd, 2011
Date received: November 10th, 2011
Total time: 139 days
Total players responses: 362
Total 2011 responses: 357

Finally, a return from an NHL hockey player (not that I care, a return is a return!).  Brandon Sutter is a good, young player, whom is part of the famous Sutter family.  He is son of Brent Sutter, coach of the Calgary Flames.  He was drafted in the 1st round, and currently plays for the Carolina Hurricanes.

Eric Staal

Date sent: June 28th, 2011
Date received: September 12th, 2011
Total time: 76 days
Total players responses: 306
Total 2011 responses: 301

The final blog for the Staal brothers comes in the form of the oldest brother, Eric.  He’s currently the captain of the Carolina Hurricanes and was one of the Captains in this past years’ NHL All-Star Team.  I really hope he’ll be able to raise the cup once again in Carolina!  Eric also helped Team Canada win gold medal at the Vancouver 2010 games and was drafted 2nd overall in a VERY deep class in 2003.

Jame McBain

Received: June 10th, 2011
Total players responses: 249
Total 2011 responses: 244

Another nice autograph courtesy of the people at SP Authentic.  Jamie McBain went 63rd overall in the 2006 entry draft and signed this card with, what looks like, a JMB.  I can’t really complain I suppose, as a signature is a signature!  I love the look of the sp authentic cards.  So clean and clear!