Trevor Carrick

Trevor Carrick is a 2012 selection of the Carolina Hurricanes, yet has only played a handful of the games for the organization.  At this moment, he's played a total of 3 games in the NHL.  With each passing year, the team becomes harder to crack as new prospects get selected.  This year there already appears... Continue Reading →

Keegan Lowe

Another Lowe in the NHL and this blog belongs to Keegan! As you may have already guessed, Keegan Lowe is long time Oiler, Kevin Lowe. While he was drafted by the Carolina Hurricanes in 2011, he never really gained any traction with the organization and eventually was traded to the Pittsburgh Penguins for Philip Samuelsson,... Continue Reading →

Jared Staal

What a sweet return from Jared Staal, the youngest of the Staal brothers!  I had sent in cards to each family member, and remarkably, all came in the mail, signed!  I'm super happy about this return, as the fan mail was sent to their parents' house in Ontario.  Jared is a great young prospect for... Continue Reading →

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