Cam Atikinson

Cam Atikinson is currently a member of the Columbus Blue Jackets and likely wants to stay there the rest of his NHL career.  He was originally drafted by the team in 2008, going 157th overall.  That draft was excellent as they produced talents like Erik Karlsson, Steven Stamkos and Drew Doughty.  Obviously, Cam wasn't very... Continue Reading →

Lukas Sedlak

While today's post isn't starring a HHOF player like the last one, it's starring Lukas Sedlak of the Columbus Blue Jackets.  Drafted in 2011, 158th overall, Lukas has taken his time to transition into the North American pro leagues after being an import draftee in the CHL.  Two years of the CHL and three years... Continue Reading →

Clay Wilson

Another undrafted player highlights today's blog post. Clay Wilson has never fully been able to maintain a level of play that NHL teams look for. At the age of 29, Clay has four NHL teams under his belt and a combined 36 NHL games. It appears as if Clay's career is over, but it's not... Continue Reading →

Rick Nash

My first TTM return from Rick Nash is a pretty nice one.  Although the blue sharpie doesn't show up the best on this card, I still like it as Rick is a superstar in the NHL.  Hopefully he'll have a much better season this year in Columbus as they acquired a few more star players... Continue Reading →

Manny Malhotra

I got this Manny Malhotra card signed again, the first being of TTM type.  I'll be able to tell the difference, as this one has a lovely blue mark in the bottom right hand corner.  Thanks dad.

Rick Nash

Received IP: March 4th, 2011 Total players responses: 106 Total 2011 responses: 101 Rick Nash! This card looks great on my card, especially with the blue pen.  Rick played for Team Canada and helped them recently win a gold medal in Vancouver.  A strong power forward, Rick is a natural goal scorer and has scored... Continue Reading →

Antoine Vermette

Received IP: March 4th, 2011 Total players responses: 105 Total 2011 responses: 100 Antoine Vermette, formerly an Ottawa Senator, currently plays for the Columbus Blue Jackets.  He is a strong center who can put up decent numbers when he plays the entire season.  Vermette was initially drafted 55th overall by the Senators.  Thank you for... Continue Reading →

Steve Mason

Received IP: March 4th, 2011 Total players responses: 104 Total 2011 responses: 99 This is my second Steve Mason return, the first was through TTM.  Standing at 6'4, he's a good goaltender and had won the 2009 Calder Memorial Trophy for rookie of the year, beating out Kris Versteeg and Bobby Ryan.  Steve has represented... Continue Reading →

RJ Umberger

Received IP: March 4th, 2011 Total players responses: 103 Total 2011 responses: 98 R.J. Umberger signed my card in a nice blue pen, although the temperature was a brisk -25 degrees.  He's currently the alternate captain of the Columbus Blue Jackets and has been in the league for only 6 years.  He was initially drafted... Continue Reading →

Steve Mason

Date sent: January 16th, 2011 Date received: February 22nd, 2011 Total time: 37 days Total players responses: 76 Total 2011 responses: 71 Steve Mason currently plays for the Columbus Blue Jackets, the same team that drafted him in the 2006 entry draft.  He was drafted 69th overall.  Steve also played for Team Canada in the... Continue Reading →

Manny Malhotra

Date sent: November 27th, 2010 Date received: February 8th, 2011 Total time: 73 days Total players responses: 32 Total 2011 responses: 27 Manny plays for my favorite team, the Vancouver Canucks, and has helped the team rise to the top of the standings (at least for now).  His strong defensive play and high faceoff win... Continue Reading →

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