Florida Panthers

Brian Campbell

HC0021Brian Campbell has to be one of the more sought after defensemen in his career. While he only went to a handful of different teams, Brian had won the Stanley Cup with the Chicago Blackhawks in 2009 / 10 NHL season. His smooth skating really helped solidify the Hawks’ defensive depth while he was with the team. As of 2017, Brian is retired but has made a heck of a career being a top 4 defenseman. I recall Brian’s strengths revolved around him being able to control the puck up the ice with ease.

Brian wasn’t extremely hyped, having gone in the 6th round in the 1997 NHL entry draft.  If anyone has any old information on Brian and his prospect profile.  Please send it my way!  I’d love to read what the scouts were saying about him.

Here is a video of Brian and his day with the cup.


Jose Theodore

HC0019 I’m actually quite happy with this particular card that I sent to former NHL goaltender Jose Theodore.  I find that the black ink really pops against the white jersey that Jose is sporting when he played for the Florida Panthers.

For many years, Jose played in net for the Montreal Canadiens and was the goaltender that I associate with the Canadiens in the 00’s.  He was a really fantastic goaltender and rose to main stream popularity after winning Vezina and Hart Trophy in 2001/02 NHL season.

It was the season before though, where he had scored a goal against the Islanders in a 3-0 win. He became the sixth goalie to accomplish this feat, although becoming the first goalie to be credited with a shutout AND score a goal.

Take a look at a goal by Jose, one of a few goaltenders to have ever accomplished this feat.  Take note of the sweet VHS quality on this one.

Another claim to fame will be the fact that in the first shootout goal in Penguins history, Jose was the opposing goaltender vs Sidney Crosby.


Have a great 2018 everyone!


Erik Gudbrandson

hc0008.jpg Erik Gudbranson, in my opinion, is a defenseman that Vancouver Canucks so highly needed at the time of trading for him.  As most Canuck / Florida fans know, Erik was traded for Jared McCann, in 2016.  To many of the fans following the Canucks, they took quite offense to Jared referencing his draft by the Canucks as “it is what it is”.  To Jared’s defense, that wasn’t his intention that being drafted by the Canucks was necessarily a bad thing but that he was drafted lower than anticipated.

As for Erik, I was one that was happy to trade for him as we needed more toughness on the back end that was willing to get into those scrums with the opposing players.  He recently got back from an injury which kept him out of the lineup but he’s now back and ready to rock, hopefully with less of the suspension type of play.


Tomas Vokoun

Date sent: January 19th, 2011
Date received: December 1st, 2011
Total time: 316 days
Total players responses: 390
Total 2011 responses: 385

Tomas Vokoun is currently playing for the Washington Capitals.  He was initially drafted by the Montreal Canadiens in 1994, 226th overall. Since then, he has played for the Canadiens, Panthers and Predators.  He has helped his native country, Czech Republic, win bronze in the 2010 Olympics in Vancouver.


David Booth

Date sent: January 16th, 2011
Date received: May 16th, 2011
Total time: 120 days
Total players responses: 219
Total 2011 responses: 214

David Booth currently plays for the Florida Panthers, the team who drafted him 53rd overall in the 2003 entry draft.  He made his NHL debut in 2006 against the Bruins.  Recently, Booth became the third player in the past half a dozen seasons to record 14 shots on net.  Great job David!  


Roberto Luongo

Received IP: March 12th, 2011
Total players responses: 136
Total 2011 responses: 131

Yay! A Roberto Luongo autograph!  He signed this card, and another card my dad got (of course, with the “signature” blue mark on it).  Not much of a signature, but he did sign for many of us looking for autographs.  I’m so happy that I did get his autograph, as I know he’s been really tough to get TTM. 


Jay Bouwmeester

Received IP: February 18th, 2011
Total players responses: 64
Total 2011 responses: 59

Jay Bouwmeester signed my card, although I think the pen I used wasn’t worn down enough.  I’ll have to try and wear down the sharpie before I get the players to sign again in the future.  It was neat to see all them though!