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Cody Hodgson

Received IP: September 18th, 2011
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Finally I get an autograph from Cody Hodgson on my Heros and Prospects Rookie card.  I’m happy to have his autograph as I’ve sent a few cards his way with no luck.  Cody is slated to become one of the better NHLers when he finally hits his stride.  It has been a long 3 years, but I do believe this year he’ll finally crack the line up.  Let’s hope he makes the big club and plays on the 3rd line with Manny!


Eddie Lack

Received IP: September 18th, 2011
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Eddie Lack is a great, young goaltender for the Vancouver Canucks organization.  I doubt he’ll be able to get much games in with Roberto being here, and Schneider also playing quite well, but in a few years, who knows who will be traded away for younger players.  I waited around for Eddie after training camp practice, and it took quite a while for him to come out.  I waited about an hour and he came out with some other guys (not totally sure who they were).  All I can say, is that standing at 6’4, he’s a tall dude!

Jordan Schroeder

Received IP: September 18th, 2011
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What a sweet autograph by Jordan Schroeder!  This guy is going to be a great player in the league soon, and will be playing at the highest level if the Canucks can train him properly.  He was drafted 22nd overall by the Canucks in 2009 and had helped Team USA win gold in 2010.  I managed to catch Jordan at the Canucks training camp this September, along with a few other notables that I’ll be displaying in the next few days.  Keep posted!

Cory Schneider

Received IP: March 12th, 2011
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Cory Schneider, most likely a superstar goaltender in the making, is the backup goalie behind Roberto Luongo.  Still a very young goaltender, Cory is starting become relied more and more on.  This season, he’s been stellar and honestly, I feel pretty comfortable with him in net.  Thanks for signing Cory, you’re an all-star!  Funny story, Cory was waiting in the lobby, and the rest of us autograph seekers were waiting outside, and my dad says “Hey! I see a Sedin!”.  Turns out it was Cory.  Thanks again for embarrassing me dad.