Milwaukee Admirals

Brendan Leipsic

Brendan LepsicTotal players responses: 543
Total 2017 responses: 2

Unfortunately, I didn’t track when I had sent this particular set of cards out but boy, am I glad to see them return back to me!

Brendan is a former alum from the Portland Winterhawks (as seen in one of the cards I got signed) and was one of my favorite players while I was following junior hockey.  Since his junior hockey days, he’s been drafted in to the NHL (89th overall, Nashville), traded to the Leafs and picked up most recently by the Vegas Golden Knights.

I remember his first goal quite well since he had just traveled to Vancouver to debut in the NHL.  His parents had flown to watch the game to witness this occurrence!  It was so exciting to see him score versus my hometown team and in how much media exposure his family had gotten since they were there!  Brendan Lepsic1

I wish Brendan all the luck in the world and hopefully he can find his way on to a very new Golden Knights team this year and establish himself as a full time NHL player.  Good luck this season Brendan!


Blake Geoffrion

Date sent: October 20th, 2011
Date received: February 27th, 2012
Total time: 130 days
Total players responses: 443
Total 2012 responses: 46

Blake Geoffrion most recently made headlines for his famous bloodlines.  He was the first player in NHL history to be a fourth generation player.  He was traded to the Montreal Canadiens from the Nashville Predators.  Blake signed this Milwuakee Admirals card in a silver sharpie, which looks pretty nice.  Thanks Blake!

Matt Halischuk

Received: July 9th, 2011
Total players responses: 274
Total 2011 responses: 269

YES! A nice autograph from Matt Halischuk of the Milwaukee Admirals.  I know of Matt from his World Junior days playing for Team Canada in 2008.  Matt was initially drafted by the New Jersey Devils, 117th overall, but was traded to Nashville this past season, along with Jason Arnott.  Keep up the great work Matt, you’ll be a full time NHL player in no time!

If anyone doesn’t need their ITG H&P points for the 10/11 season, feel free to send them my way!