Gilles Gilbert

From a CHL player to a hockey alumni, today's post brings you Gilles Gilbert, an NHL starting goaltender that played in the 70s/80s. If you've been following along from past blog posts, it's clear that I wasn't even born yet to watch Gilles play as I started to watch games in the 90s. The one... Continue Reading →

Basil McRae

Date sent: January 20th, 2011Date received: February 14th, 2011Total time: 25 daysTotal players responses: 53Total 2011 responses: 48All I can really tell you is that he was in the Mighty Ducks movie with Mike Modano.  Really, to be honest, the only reason why I had sent him an autograph.  Thanks Basil, I'm sure you were... Continue Reading →

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