Mississauga St. Michael’s Majors

Stuart Percy

Date sent: March 7, 2012
Date received: March 29, 2012
Total time: 22 days
Total players responses: 451
Total 2012 responses: 54

Stuart Percy is a former World U-17 Champion for Team Canada.  He was drafted by the Leafs last entry draft, going 25th overall.  He’s an averaged size player, and most likely will be a 2 way defender, potentially a 2nd pairing type of player.  Thanks for the auto Stuart!


J.P. Anderson

Date sent: June 22nd, 2011
Date received: October 12th, 2011
Total time: 112 days
Total players responses: 335
Total 2011 responses: 330

A good return from JP Anderson.  An undrafted goaltender who was picked up by the San Jose Sharks, JP participated this year in the Young Stars tournament.  I’m hoping that he’ll get a look real soon, as he’s drastically improved his record in the 09/10 season, winning 23 games.  Good luck this year with the Majors JP!