New York Rangers

Orland Kurtenbach

Date sent: July 18th, 2011
Date received: October 6th, 2011
Total time: 80 days
Total players responses: 323
Total 2011 responses: 318

Noo!! My Orland Kurtenbach card is squished!  As you can see, the Vancouver Canucks’ first ever franchise captain signed this card, only to have it bent in the mail.  I’m still pretty stoked about this signing, as Orland is considered part of history for Vancouver.  Unfortunately, I was too young to remember him play, as I watched hockey mostly in the 90s, and in the 2000s.  Orland played in the 50s – 70s era.


Marc Staal

Date sent: June 28th, 2011
Date received: September 12th, 2011
Total time: 76 days
Total players responses: 304
Total 2011 responses: 299

Day 2 of the Staal brother blogs!  This time, Marc has a spot on my blog featuring an autograph on my card which was signed with a nice blue, thin sharpie.  Although a little tough to read, I’m thankful that he did sign my Upper Deck rookie card.  I hope to catch him again once he comes into town and sign my SP Authentic hockey card!  Thanks again Marc, and tune in tomorrow to see the third blog regarding this hockey family!

Wayne Gretzky

Date sent: July 13th, 2011
Date received: August 18th, 2011
Total time: 36 days
Total players responses: 294
Total 2011 responses: 289

An awesome autograph (kind of) from the great one himself (kind of)!  I was super (kind of) stoked to see this return, as Gretzky is one of the greatest players to have ever played in the NHL!  Although from reading up on Gretz, I do know that he uses an autopen to sign his autograph, and this was no exception.  I knew that it was going to be an autopen, but it was still neat to get his autograph on my card.  Thanks Wayne (kind of)!

Andy Bathgate

Date sent: July 15th, 2011
Date received: July 29th, 2011
Total time: 14 days
Total players responses: 287
Total 2011 responses: 282

Wow!  Another fantastic return from Andy Bathgate, HHOF class of 1978!  These old timers are such a class act.  Even at their old age (78!), Andy still takes the time to sign for his fans.  You can clearly see his writing is getting shaky, but he still pulls through from what I’ve seen on other people’s blogs/threads.  Andy is ranked #8 as the top greatest Rangers of all time.

Evgeni Grachev

Received: June 10th, 2011
Total players responses: 251
Total 2011 responses: 246

Evgeni Grachev?  He’s a Russian born hockey player who now plays for the NY Rangers. In 2008/09 season with the Brampton Batallion, he scored 80 points in 60 games played.  Drafted 75th overall, seems like he’s got a bit of work to do before he becomes a mainstay in the NHL.  Good luck Evgeni!

Dan Cloutier

Date sent: January 26th, 2011
Date received: March 18th, 2011
Total time: 51 days
Total players responses: 158
Total 2011 responses: 153

Dan Cloutier, former Vancouver Canuck goalie, may be remembered for a goal that he let in by Nick Lidstrom during the playoffs which was shot from center ice.  From then on, the Canucks lost four straight games to the Red Wings.  On another note, I really hate the look of this card.  

Kelly Kisio

Date sent: December 23rd, 2010
Date received: January 7th, 2011
Total time: 15 days
Total players responses: 6
Total 2011 responses: 1

Kelly is the current GM of the Calgary Hitmen.  He played 761 games for the Wings, Sharks, Rangers and Flames between 1982 – 1995 amassing 658 points and 768 PIMs during his career.  In 1973, Kelly grabbed honors as the WHL Rookie of the Year and played in the NHL all-star game in 1993. Kelly was also the Rangers’ captain from 1987 – 1991.  This is my first TTM return for the 2011 year! Yahoo!