Phoenix Coyotes

Ray Whitney

HC0007 Ray Whitney, a retired NHL player who played for a slew of NHL teams such as San Jose, Edmonton and Pheonix.  Having being drafted in 1991 and being the stick boy for Wayne Gretzky and the Oilers, Ray has carved quite the career amassing over 1000 points.

I’ve gotten Ray’s autograph before and am so thankful that I am able to get it again.  While I’ve never met Ray in person, as he no longer is with an NHL team, it’s unlikely I’ll ever get the chance to greet him in person.  The fact that he takes time to sign and respond to fan mail shows he does care for his fans, even when he’s no longer in the spotlight.  I wish all players showed this type of attitude towards us!

He and his wife also star in the series, “WAGS” which showcase the life of the women of current and retired hockey players.  It’s sometimes interesting to watch, to see the ups and downs not only for the players and how they deal with retirement but how the families deal with the players leaving weeks at a time.  The ups and downs of being a hockey family clearly has its challenges that most people wouldn’t even fathom.


David Rundblad

Date received: February 30, 2012
Total players responses: 476
Total 2012 responses: 79

A nice auto from a box of Panini Contenders that I had opened up a few months back.  David Rundblad is a 1st round draft pick that still has yet to permanently crack the NHL roster as he’s shifted from the Ottawa org. to the Phoenix org and is now playing the with Portland Pirates.  Hopefully he’ll be in the NHL soon.. that’s if it even starts this year!

Keith Ballard

Received IP: April 9th, 2011
Total players responses: 204
Total 2011 responses: 199

My quest at getting many of the Vancouver players’ autographs didn’t just stop at Roberto Luongo, I managed to snag quite a few, and Keith Ballard was one of them.  He is a recent addition from this past summers’ signings which beefed up Vancouver’s defense.  He currently hasn’t played as many games as the other players during the playoffs, but was a good player during the regular season.  Nice signature on his Rookie Uniformity card.  Thanks Keith!

Olli Jokinen

Received IP: April 8th, 2011
Total players responses: 200
Total 2011 responses: 195

Olli Jokinen!  I finally got you.  Olli is notorious for stepping on the gas harder when he sees us hounders looking for his autograph.  Fortunately, on the last day of the Flames’ season, he was only on his feet, so I was able to catch up with him.  Thank goodness he wasn’t mean, he did sign my card.  Thank you for the challenge Olli.

Shane Doan

Received IP: March 15th, 2011
Total players responses: 155
Total 2011 responses: 150

Shane Doan, drafted 7th overall in 1995, is the captain of the Phoenix Coyotes.  Shane has been on many Team Canada teams, where he brings his skill and leadership so many teams need.  Although not selected for the Olympics in 2010 in Vancouver, Shane has 2 gold medals and 3 silver throughout his International career. 

Ray Whitney

Received IP: March 15th, 2011
Total players responses: 154
Total 2011 responses: 149

Ray Whitney, is the oldest (I think) player on the team at age 38.  He’s a solid player, currently 3rd in scoring on the team.  Ray plays left wing and has played for over half a dozen teams in the NHL.  I’m hoping that Ray stays in the league for a few more years, so he’s able to hit the 1,000 point mark.  Good luck Ray!

Kyle Turris

Received IP: March 15th, 2011
Total players responses: 152
Total 2011 responses: 147

I’m really happy with the way this card turned out.  Kyle signed my jersey card, with my blue pen and the auto looks pretty legible (I’m a stickler for a nice autograph that I can actually read!).  He’ll definitely be a star in the league.  Thanks for the sweet auto Kyle!