Kyle Brodziak

Kyle Brodziak has done extremely well for himself, after being drafted in 2003 by the Edmonton Oilers, 214th overall. Obviously players such as Henrik Lundqvist (205 overall - 2000 NHL Draft), Henrik Zetterberg (210 overall - 1999 NHL Draft) and Pekka Rinne (258 overall - 2004 NHL Draft) are notable picks but Kyle Brodziak remains... Continue Reading →

TJ Oshie

Wow! Almost an entire year before I got this Rookie card signed by TJ Oshie of the St.Louis Blues.  It's been a tough few weeks as I've seen very little come my way in returns, but hopefully everyone had a great year and have their mailboxes filled with lots of goodies!

David Backes

Drafted 62nd overall, in 2003 (as the card mentions), David Backes has seen decent scoring production, as this past season he has notched 62 points.  I sent this card back in March, and got it back about a month ago.  Pretty quick return, but since the Blues didn't make the playoffs, I suppose he had... Continue Reading →

Curtis Joseph

Date sent: January 16th, 2011Date received: February 28th, 2011Total time: 43 daysTotal players responses: 94Total 2011 responses: 89Curtis Joseph, nicknamed Cujo, was an undrafted goalie who played for teams such as the Leafs, Flames and Oilers.  Joseph played about 950 games, with 454 wins and 352 losses.  He helped Canada win medals, 3 gold and... Continue Reading →

Cam Janssen

Received IP: February 27th, 2011Total players responses: 93Total 2011 responses: 88Cam Janssen, one of the tough guys for St.Louis Blues.  Another hounder called over to him and said "Hey! Do you have some time to sign some stuff?", to which he replied, "Aww! I gotta walk all the way over there?".  The hounder responded by... Continue Reading →

Brett Hull

Date sent: January 26th, 2011Date received: February 14th, 2011Total time: 19 daysTotal players responses: 51Total 2011 responses: 46Brett Hull is a Canadian born American and Team USA member.  He is related to Bobby Hull and Dennis Hull.  Winning countless trophies and records, Hull is a fantastic TTM signer.  Not much is needed to say about... Continue Reading →

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