Olaf Kolzig

Olaf Kolzig will go down as one of the best goaltenders to have donned the Washington Capitals jersey.  In fact, that's not all Olaf will go down for as he was the very first goalie to have scored a goal in a WHL game during a 1989 game versus the Seattle Thunderbirds.  This feat has been... Continue Reading →

Karl Alzner

A very interesting autograph from Karl Alzner, currently of the Montreal Canadiens. While I'm sure he has a different autograph, depending on the context (ie. writing a cheque or even signing an autograph for a paid product), it is different. I googled up a few of his images and noticed that there are some very... Continue Reading →

Jeff Schultz

Jeff Schultz is a former 1st round draft pick from the 2004 entry draft. Currently 31 years of age, Jeff has remained with only a couple of teams in his NHL career - the LA Kings and Washington Capitals. He played in 7 season with the Washington Capitals before signing with the LA Kings organization... Continue Reading →

Alexander Semin

A fantastic return from Alexander Semin, formerly from the Washington Capitals, now with the Carolina Hurricanes. He will be there to add more offense to the lineup (and obviously of a more physical presence as well =P). I'm thankful for this auto from Alex, as it's my first time I've gotten his signature. Thanks Alex!

John Carlson

Finally an NHL return, although to be fair, lately I've been sending prospects hockey cards to get autographed.  John Carlson is a great player for the Washington Capitals.  He played his first full year in Washington, piling up 37 points in the process.  John definitely has the potential to put up points as he previously... Continue Reading →

Nicklas Backstrom

Holy cow, what a nice return.  Nicklas Backstrom is really lighting it up for the Washington Capitals this season.  I believe I sent it through the team last season, and am happy to see a return from him!  He'll need to be a lot better if the Capitals have a chance at the cup.  Good... Continue Reading →

Michal Neuvirth

Michal Neuvirth burst on the scene in 2011, playing in net for the Washington Capitals.  He managed to snag about half the games in net, where he provided 27 wins.  Unfortunately all that great work last year didn't mean a whole lot, with the acquisition of Tomas Vokoun.  It looks like Michal will have to... Continue Reading →

Nolan Baumgartner

Wow! What a nice autograph from Nolan Baumgartner, current Vancouver Canuck.  Although he isn't on their main roster as of now, he's in a position to be a depth defenseman, probably between spots 8 - 10 (I'm guessing?).  Standing at 6'2 and at the rip old age of 35 years old, Nolan can provide some... Continue Reading →

Sergei Gonchar

Sergei Gonchar currently plays for the Ottawa Senators.  I had gotten his autograph via IP earlier in the season, and wasn't really counting on this card to come back, as I thought Ottawa would be quicker known their TTM return history.  I really like Sergei's autograph, nice and bold signed in black.  Looks great!

Semyon Varlamov

Date sent: January 15th, 2011 Date received: February 15th, 2011 Total time: 31 days Total players responses: 56 Total 2011 responses: 51 Semyon Varlamov currently plays in net for the Washington Capitals.  He made his NHL debut on December 13, 2008, winning 2 - 1 vs the Montreal Canadiens.  He was selected to be part... Continue Reading →

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