Christian Ehrhoff

Happy New Year!

Autographed, Hockey Card, TTM, Signed, Christian Ehrhoff, Cleveland Barons
Autographed Heroes and Prospects hockey card signed via TTM by Christian Ehrhoff of the Cleveland Barons

I sent Christian Ehrhoff a massive 14 card package to his current team, Kölner Haie which is located in Germany. I normally don’t send that many but I figured that the cost to send a few packages over a few years would be more. In this situation, I did offer Christian to take cards if he has fans that he thinks would appreciate them.

While Christian is playing in Germany, he has had a successful NHL career, which one day may bring him back due to his skill set.  While he was drafted by the SJ Sharks (201st overall), he really flourished in Vancouver.  His booming shot from the point was his weapon that he utilized while gunning for the Stanley Cup in 2011.

Bringing Christian to Vancouver really made for a strong core of defensemen for the team but we all know how that turned out having lost to the Bruins in 7.  He couldn’t come to terms with the Canucks and eventually moved on to Buffalo, Pittsburgh, LA and Chicago.

A video review of Christian Ehrhoff

Below is a prime example of him utilizing his shot to score the first goal of the game.


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