Curtis Glencross

Received IP: April 8th, 2011
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Another Flames autograph, this time by Curtis Glencross.  I didn’t prep the card very well as the ink didn’t stick to the card like I would’ve liked.  Curtis actually played decent this year, piling up 43 points.  My first (and probably last in person) autograph from Curtis as I was only temporary stationed in Calgary.


  1. hey mike,

    my goalie project is to get 3 cards from every canucks goalie
    2)card in canucks jersey
    3)card in another teams jersey

    thanks for the offer on the gamble cards but I think I already have him covered
    i have about 20 goalies completed that i just havn't posted up yet

    if i'm ever in need of specific goalies i'll let you know and we can figure out a trade 🙂

    Go Canucks!

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