A whole page to envelopes?

Come on!

You’re probably asking what’s the big deal, it’s just some paper and glue right?  And you’d be definitely right.  It is.  It’s literally that simple, but a quick search on the Staples website brings up 100s of different types.  White envelopes, black envelopes, secure envelopes, envelopes with windows, ones with a quickstrip, business envelopes, double-windowed readi-seal security tint windows… and don’t even get me started on the many sizes and shapes that are available!

I think the biggest thing coming into this hobby was what to do.  Obviously this is a more personal decision since it depends on how many letters you plan on sending out.  Here is a small how-to article on … what to get!

White Envelopes, #10 (left) and #8 (right)
White Envelopes, #10 (left) and #8 (right)

Pictured above are the envelopes that I use.  On the left are the regular envelopes (#10) that I send as the outer envelope and the smaller envelopes are a size #8, peel & seal envelopes.  These items can typically be found at any dollar store but if you’re in a region where you are unable to get these products (cheaply I hope), then you can try online.

In order to pack the envelopes with the item, you want to address the larger envelope as usual, by placing your return address in the top left corner and the players’ address in the center of the envelope.  Then write the smaller envelope with your address with a blank return address and place stamp on smaller envelope.  Depending on where you’re expecting your return to come from, you’ll need to source stamps.  Take a look at this post that I’ve written on postage.  Place the hockey cards inside the small envelope, ensuring to not seal the smaller envelope.  Take your written letter and small #8 envelope and place them all into the larger #10 envelope and seal.  Ensure that there is a stamp on the outer envelope.


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