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Autographed Upper Deck CHL hockey card signed via TTM by Griffen Outhouse of the Victoria Royals
Autographed Upper Deck CHL hockey card signed via TTM by Griffen Outhouse of the Victoria Royals

Griffen Outhouse is a champ for the Victoria Royals as he recently became the all-time leader in games played by a goaltender for the Royals franchise.  The former record held by a goaltender was 165 games, set by Coleman Vollrath.  At this point in the season, he hasn’t played top 10 WHL goaltending minutes but has split duties with fellow goalie, Brock Gould.  As Griffen is ending his tenure in junior hockey, he’s likely offering Brock substantial leadership on how to perform as a top goalie in the league.

Statistically, Griffen is having one of his best seasons since his rookie season.  He’s posting (at the time of this writing) a 2.75 GAA with 20 wins this season.  Not bad, considering the team is in the middle of the pack in terms of overall WHL standings.  It’ll be great to see where or if Griffen continues to play hockey after his junior career is over.  It doesn’t appear that any NHL teams are currently interested, having been passed over the draft twice and having one prospect camp invite by the Vegas Golden Knights in 2017.  Unfortunately, it appears as if Griffen didn’t get invited back to the main camp.

Gettin’ the auto

This autograph was recieved back to me on this Upper Deck CHL hockey card in 2 weeks from Griffen Outhouse.  I sent a single card to Griffen via the Victoria Royals in which he signed with a black sharpie.  The autograph on this card looks amazing, extremely clear and legible with what appears to be just the amount of pressure on the card.  Thank you so much for this autograph, Griffen!

Signature links

Not often, you see a player break records in the WHL but we got at least one from Griffen!

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A video review of Griffen Outhouse


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