Guy Carbonneau

Autographed, Hockey Card, TTM, Signed, Guy Carbonneau, Florida Panthers
Autographed Score hockey card signed via TTM by Guy Carbonneau of the Montreal Canadiens

This isn’t the first time that I’ve gotten the Habs legend, Guy Carbonneau as I managed to get him almost 6 years ago, as seen here. As you can tell, nothing has changed with his signature and that’s a great thing! Usually, especially with players that have longer names, they will tend to shorten or abbreviate their autographed items to a short, much more manageable scribble.

Guy, known for his playing days with Montreal and to a lesser extent, Dallas and St.Louis.  He was lucky enough to have another Guy (ie. Lafleur) pave the way for all Guys’ to have their names chanted just as Lafleur had his name chanted every time he touched the puck.

Since his playing days, Guy had coached the Montreal Canadiens in three straight seasons in which he led the team once to a playoff birth.


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