Hockey Cards

Some general guidelines with hockey cards

I think this will probably be my favorite part of writing a “how to” type guide for getting autographs (either through the mail or even in person)!

In the past, I’ve gone hounding and gotten autographs at the hotels as well as at the arenas but due to my new found child in my life, I will have to devote getting autographs through the mail as it allows for a less of a time commitment. ¬†While it’s likely a bit more expensive (due to stamps / materials / less than 100% success rate), I find that it gives me an opportunity to get autographs for players in other cities who don’t normally travel to my hometown and a nicer autograph as the cards signed are usually on a table.

As a side note, I try not to send anything I’m not willing to part with due to the fact that it may not come back to me in the mail, these types of cards are typically base cards that I send.

I’ll try and review all products that I purchase and provide you a point of view from what a “grapher” would want, either through in person or through the mail.


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