James Van Riemsdyk

Date sent: June 22nd, 2011
Date received: December 2nd, 2011
Total time: 163 days
Total players responses: 391
Total 2011 responses: 386

Hurrah, another NHL return!  “JVR” is a 1st round, 2nd overall pick from the Flyers in the 2007 draft.  He obviously hasn’t had as much success as number one overall pick Patrick Kane, but is on pace for another career season.  Hopefully him, and his Flyers, can play at their current pace to ensure they remain in a playoff spot.  It’s been a weird year for Eastern teams, as who would’ve thought (as of the writing of this blog), that Washington, Tampa Bay, Buffalo and Pittsburgh would all be hovering outside of, or just barely in the playoff race!

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