Jason Spezza

Autographed, Hockey Card, TTM, Signed, Jason Spezza, Ottawa Senators
Autographed SP Authentic hockey card signed via TTM by Jason Spezza of the Ottawa Senators

I don’t have much to say about Jason but have one story where I should have combated my fears.  It was a couple of years ago when the Senators came into town, playing in the Heritage Classic in 2014.  I was trying to get autographs, in person, at the hotel where I suspected that the Senators were staying.  When I arrived at the hotel in the afternoon, hoping that I’d see other fellow graphers trying to get autographs too.

I was out of luck, I didn’t see anyone.  Usually these hounders know very well where the player will stay and tend to congregate around the entrance in order to get their items signed.  I had decided I was in the wrong area and ventured out to walk around a bit only to see Jason Spezza walking towards me.  I thought to myself.. “Is that Jason?”.

It was.

And what did I do about it?

Absolutely nothing.

I let him pass by and was too shy to chase up after him but luckily for me, Jason is a great TTM signer and continually has signed cards that I have over the years.

Jason has since been traded since that incident, to the Dallas Stars.  While I love Jason and have many, many cards of his, I intend to send more to him and have him keep some in return.  It actually appears as if things aren’t so rosy in “Big D” as Jason’s role has been winding down according to this article by the Ottawa Sun.

Gettin’ the auto

My third time getting Jason’s autograph but I do love that it’s on these very nice SP Authentic cards.  I was lucky that he signed them in a thick, blue sharpie pen since it stands out a lot more than a black one.


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