Jeremy Roenick

Date sent: January 15th, 2011
Date received: August 31st, 2011
Total time: 228 days
Total players responses: 300
Total 2011 responses: 295

Good Ol’ JR is my 300th autograph!  Jeremy was a very colorful, outspoken type of player and was always willing to speak his mind.  My favorite moments were a) when he got hit in the face, and he threw water bottles out on the ice and berated the officials after the game to the media and b) starting to bad mouth Patrick Roy, only to have Roy reply about plugging his ears with his Stanley Cup rings.  Who doesn’t remember these moments?!


  1. @Brad: Yeah! He's one of the character guys in the NHL which make it definitely entertaining!

    @Dave: Just keep waiting. I'm almost betting that he'll probably do a batch at a time! It'll get back to ya!

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