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Autographed O-Pee-Chee hockey card signed via TTM by Johnny Boychuk of the New York Islanders
Autographed O-Pee-Chee hockey card signed via TTM by Johnny Boychuk of the New York Islanders

Johnny Boychuk was one of the biggest hitters in the game when he was with the Bruins.  I just watched some of his highlights and boy, can this guy hit, shoot and score!  Although he hasn’t reached the 10 goal mark in any of his NHL seasons, some of the bombs he launched were amazing.

Johnny was drafted by the Colorado Avalanche in 2002 in the second round.  It didn’t seem like he got a fair shake at the NHL level with the Avs as he was traded away from the team in 2008 for Matt Hendricks of the Boston Bruins.

This trade really supplanted the Bruins as a tough team, especially during the 2011 NHL Finals versus the Vancouver Canucks.  Players like Lucic, Marchand, Chara and Boychuk really upped the level of physical intensity, something the Canucks couldn’t contend with.  Obviously, the Bruins went on to beat the Canucks that year.

Since then, Johnny has been traded to the New York Islanders and is on a steady decline in games played.  It’s no surprise, as he becomes older, that his physical play takes a toll on the body.

Gettin’ the auto

This was a great return from last season from Johnny Boychuk!  He signed this card via the New York Islanders in 112 days.  That’s actually fairly quick in my books, however I do find that teams that aren’t Top 10 don’t have as many people clamoring for their autographs. Luckily the card itself was a white background and a blue jersey which makes it not too hard to see his autograph.

In addition, there was no prep on this card – as it was a non-glossed cardboard stock in which it was produced on.  Point for O-Pee-Chee!

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