Jonas Brodin

Autographed SPx hockey card signed via TTM by Jonas Brodin of the Minnestoa Wild

Swedish NHL player, Jonas Brodin has been a great pick for the Minnesota Wild back in 2011.  He was selected 10th overall where a flurry of defesemen were chosen between 9th and 12th overall.

Jonas seems to do the best when he’s paired with Ryan Suter as he was in his rookie season.  Unfortunately for the Wild, they split up the two as Suter and Spurgeon later in Brodin’s career and were a top pairing while Brodin struggled.

News also got out that once Suter was going to be reunited with Brodin, he was quite upset.  Reading the articles (which were published in 2015), it wasn’t a shot at Brodin as it was more of a shot at the fact the Wild have chosen to have two left handed shots as the same pairing.

Here was his scouting report as per Hockey’s Future:

“Brodin is a very mobile defender, who is an excellent skater and a decent passer. His average offensive instincts hold him back from being an elite package, but he is developing quickly.”

Gettin’ the auto

This is a neat autograph on this card where I find the placement to be absolutely perfect (ok, well a little to the right would have been nice) but signed it within the bottom half of this particular Rookie Materials patch card.


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