Josh Morrisey

Autographed, Hockey Card, TTM, Signed, Josh Morrissey, Team Canada
Autographed Upper Deck hockey card signed via TTM by Josh Morrissey of Team Canada

Josh Morrisey of the Winnipeg Jets signed this nice Team Canada hockey card for me. I sent a letter to the Winnipeg Jets this year and got a return back in 122 days. Based off a number of my previous blog posts, I’d have to say that Winnipeg is tops when it comes to players returning fan mail. Is it because there is a lack of interest in Winnipeg players? Doubt it. Maybe it’s a culture of trying to attract fans to the team with players being accommodating, which I hope continues for many years.

Josh is at the tops of the prospects (if you can still call him that) of the Jets’ depth chart when it comes to defensemen.  He’s been progressively getting better with each passing season, having played his first full season in the 16/17 NHL season.  This season you can see he’s taken a nice leap, likely getting more ice time and more responsibility.  He’s already at 18 points on the season with a high probability he’ll eclipse his current career high of 20 points in a season.

A video review of Josh Morrissey

Here Josh is on an episode of “Ask a Jet”


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