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Autographed Upper Deck MVP hockey card signed via TTM by Mark Scheifele of the Winnipeg Jets
Autographed Upper Deck MVP hockey card signed via TTM by Mark Scheifele of the Winnipeg Jets

Mark Scheifele is the assistant captain for the Winnipeg Jets and one of the core pieces of the team.  It’ll be hard to imagine Mark being apart of any other team now that the Jets are doing so well in the NHL.  He was drafted into the NHL in 2011, seventh overall, in a time when the Jets were not exactly the powerhouse they are today.  Obviously with a few key additions (see: Patrik Laine), I’d consider them to be the favorites heading into the second half of the season.

Mark and the Jets haven’t always been the team they are today.  The current Winnipeg Jets (in it’s current form) moved from the old Atlanta Thrashers location in 2011.  You may recognize a few of the names from that old franchise which include Bryan Little, Dustin Byfuglien and Blake Wheeler.  To be fair, both Dustin and Blake were traded to the Thrashers in their last season with the team.

It’ll be really interesting if (or how many?) cups this team wins, with Mark smack dab as a leader on the team.  I’d guess 2 cups when it’s all said and done.  How about you?

Gettin’ the auto

I’m not entirely sure when I sent to Mark Scheifele although I have a record of sending to him back in 2017.  He signed this Upper Deck MVP hockey card back to me in November 2018 in which he only sent my one card back out of the three that I sent.  As you can tell, Mark decided to personalize this hockey card, which I’m totally okay with!  It’s a little tough to see his signature since he chose a blue sharpie which is a bit camouflaged by his hockey pants.  Overall, the Jets have been a great team to send autographs to, I’d highly recommend it!

Signature links

The games between Tyler Seguin and Mark Scheifele have seemed to have come to an end, unfortunately.

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A video review of Mark Scheifele

What’s in the box is a segment with funnyman Paul Bissonnette!  These guys get scared!



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